Floor Plans

The Gables is a spacious house. There are many original Georgian features including the internal doors, beautiful staircase bannisters and rail, and all the fireplaces still intact. There is original parquet flooring in the sitting room and dining room. The walls are very thick too, nearly 0.5 metre in some places. This makes the house cool in summer and toasty warm in winter. There are wood burning stoves in the Dining Room and in the Gribbin Lounge.

The back hall has coat hooks and is a convenient place for dogs to sleep, with the ability to close them off from kitchen with our bespoke ‘dog and toddler door’, which can be slotted in place when needed. It’s stored in the under-stairs cupboard along with Hetty vacuum, dog basket, mops and brushes, sewing kit, bucket and spade, etc.

One of the great things for children is being able to run round downstairs inside the house without getting cornered – because there are lots of doors and lots of rooms – great for playing hide and seek!

Most of the windows are original Victorian, these are sash windows, so care should be taken that children do not operate these or lean out of them.