Heating & Hot Water

We have installed Hive Heating Control which is supplied by British Gas. We have set a schedule for the heating and the hot water which should be suitable for your stay. You have complete control to override the schedule if you want more or less hot water or heating.
You can override the schedule for heating and hot water by accessing the controls on the control/thermostat panel which is mounted on the left-hand wall just before the door into ensuite/utility room downstairs. There is a help guide here which you can look at to help you understand how to adjust the controls.

Hot Water


How to Boost Hot Water for an hour

Simply press the Hot Water Mode button (bottom right, looks like this: arrow until it says Boost .

This switches your hot water on for one hour, before returning to its previous mode.

You can download here the full leaflet on Hive heating Controls if you want to set up your own schedule for hot water and heating.